Thursday, October 20, 2005

My Need To Fuck Boots

I have had a powerful, all conquering, life consuming passion for women's boots since I was 14 - this spread gradually into more fetishes for high heels, feet, latex, leather, smoking, BDSM, anal play, nipple clamps and asphyxiation.

You could say I'm a bit fucked up - I like to think that devoting your life to worshipping boots is the best thing a boy could do.

I love Jenny Frost - I wanna fuck her boots for the rest of my life - I think about those grey thigh highs all the time when I am wanking, and I do that a lot! I love to eat my own cum after I finish - I'd prefer to lick it out of a pair of her boots.

I wish I had a boot slave - someone to tie up, cum on, lick out and fuck whenever I wanted. I'd tie her up all tight, sit back and smoke a cigarette, and just watch her wriggle. Yummy.